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Portable Folding Three Wheels 1-6 Years Old Baby Stroller Four in One

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Hopeford Streams, Clothing, Winnipeg, MB


  • Four in One
  • Product size (cm*cm*cm)
  • Package size (69.5 cm*40 cm*31 cm)
  • Product material: plastic + high carbon steel frame
  • Colour: white rose-red, white ash, white blue, white khaki/black rose-red, black ash, black khaki
  • Applicable age: 6 months - 6 years old

Product function:

1. All parts can be disassembled. The shed, guardrail, and push handle can be disassembled into a simple tricycle for independent riding.

2. Rotating reclining seat, foldable body, five-point seat belt, enlarged awning, 3 kinds of pedal combination are suitable for babies at different stages

3. Quick disassembly and installation of the whole vehicle, non-inflatable explosion-proof wheels, enlarged rear frame. (suitable for age groups 1 - 6yrs)